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High Performance Liquid Chromatograph


Specifications & Description:

The Chromaster HPLC system from Hitachi has established new limits in Performance, Ease of Use, and Robustness. Innovative low-pressure gradient mode, 'High Frequent Mode,' and Hitachi's proprietary real-time feedback control system greatly suppress liquid pulsation resulting in unparalleled retention time and gradient reproducibility. Additionally, the Chromaster design incorporates an extremely low dwell volume affording the ability to accommodate and transfer methods from a variety of conventional HPLC platforms. Continued improvements in performance, functionality, and reliability, make Chromaster the perfect HPLC system for any laboratory.

System Performance

Innovative, low-pressure gradient mode yields improved peak/gradient retention time. Autosampler adopts a new high precision syringe drive unit for improved accuracy and volume reproducibility. Detectors incorporate ingenuity to improve baseline stability by reducing the influences of ambient temperature change.

Ease of Use

The optional GUI (Graphical User Interface) controller offers a high level of visibility, integrated control, and accessibility for automation. Available column management system enables column log data regardless of the column manufacturer. Chromaster maintains full front access operation for user convenience, and built-in common accessories and optimized tubing afford an attractive, space-saving design.


The Hitachi reputation for instrument reliability continues with the Chromaster, which is made using stronger stainless steel materials and is manufactured with Hitachi’s stringent quality control standards.